| Welcome to the Faculty of Agricultural & Enviromental Science


The Faculty of agricultural Sciences working in support of the broader mission of the

University of Capital , and in response to National development needs, is offering various

academic programs. Agriculture is the set of activities that transform the environment

for the production of animals and plants for human use. The Bachelor of agricultural

science Degree Programme aims to produce graduates who are technically and

intellectually competent in the applications of agricultural practices theories, models and techniques in day to day economic decision making processes.

Goal of the Program

Agriculture program of capital university is intended to produce student with strong knowledge and skills Satisfy human food and clothing wood ,medical (cotton, wool, leather) needs. Enhance environmental quality and natural resources and academically professional and ethical.

Objectives of the Program

1. To protect or insure the producer through guaranteed minimum support price, which as a stabilization measure reduces the variability in product prices and therefore price risk of the farmers.

2. To improve the standard of living of the Somalia population through sustainable development strategies. Work for food security and poverty alleviation among the population through the provision of agricultural and rural  development programmers.

3. To encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by: Researching the needs of

the agricultural community and developing programs to meet those needs.

4. Prepare an agricultural engineer to plan, design, modify, and direct the manufacture of agricultural machinery & implements for different agricultural production systems

5.  Prepare an engineer to plan and design Soil Water conservation engineering structures and modern irrigation and drainage systems.

6. to provide an enabling environment that will attract and maintain high calibre crop scientists to develop quality graduates and strategies for sustainable production of crop through the strengthening of both basic and applied research, training/ teaching and extension

Undergraduate Programs

No Program Duration
1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 4 Years
2 Bachelor of Science in Enviromental Science 4 Years

Admission Requirements

  1. Original Secondary School Certificate
  2. 4 Passport size color photos
  3. Payment of Non-refundable Registration fee
  4. Filling the Application Form