Conducted by Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), Malaysia and Capital University (CU) in Somalia


The Master in Information Technology is designed to cater graduates from IT background and non IT background. This degree will deepen graduates’ understanding of IT and computing technologies to advance their careers. The program is designed to develop technical knowledge and managerial skills in IT at the same time support versatile thinking and confident leadership in IT. Graduates also able to understand the big picture and make strategic IT decisions that address technical and business demands.

Minimum Requirements

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a minimum CGPA 2.75; OR
  2. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and not meeting CGPA 2.75, can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment process OR
  3. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with CGPA less than 2.50, with a minimum of 5 years working experience in a relevant field may be accepted

N.B: For candidates without computing degree, prerequisite modules in computing must be offered to adequately prepare them for their advanced study

  • sufficient mastery of the English language to satisfactorily complete the course (where necessary candidates may be required to sit for an English Language Proficiency Test (EPT))
  • International applicants are required to have a minimum score of TOEFL 550 OR IELTS 6.0 OR have attained a degree from a university where the medium of instruction is in English.


  1. Master in Software Engineering
  2. Master in Networking & Security
  3. Master in Information Technology Management

Course Structure

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ISYS5400 Management Information System 3
CSC 530 Database Management 3
RESM 7901 Postgraduate Research Methodology 3
CSC 540 System Development Methodologies 3

Semester III

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CSC 550 Programming Languages 3
CSC 5600 Computer Network 3
CSC 6891 Project 1 4
CSC 540 Core major 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CSC 6892 Project 2 6
CSC 5301 Project Management 3
CSC 6891 Elective 1 4
CSC 540 Elective 2 3