Conducted by University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) Sudan and Capital University (CU) in Somalia

Why study with us

In view of the need for the specialization in Public & Tropical Health and the
importance of augmenting the appreciable efforts of the governmental institutes,
coupled with the evergrowing number of donors and nongovernmental
organizations, UMST in 2002 has launched a high standard M.Sc. degree course in
Public and Tropical Health, developed for candidates from a wide range of


1. MSc in Public & Tropical Health (General Stream)

2. MSc in Hospital Management

Entry Requirement

 The applicant must have and fulfill the following requirement:

1.      Original school certificate authenticated by the higher education and foreign affairs ministers.

2.      A copy of birth certificate.

3.      A copy of valid passport

4.       Three- passport size photographs.

5.      Curriculum vitae

6.      First Degree in Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences or professional qualification from any institution that is approved by the CU and UMST and authenticated by the higher education and foreign affairs ministers.

7.      Candidates from other fields with relevant working experience may also be considered for enrollment in the programme.

8.      Candidates intending are required to have good command of English as pre-requisites for entry into this graduate programme.

9.      (Formal Assessment for English level of proficiency)

10.    File for documentation


11.    Payment Registration fee 100$ 

Program Administration

  • Duration of study for this program is 18 months or 3 semesters.
  • Classes for the program are conducted at University of Medical Sciences and Technology, or Capital University

Program Structure

   A candidate needs to fulfill at least 48 units for obtaining the master’s degree. The candidates are required to take and pass all 48 of Core Course.

  Candidate shall select the courses that he/she intend to take after discussion and advice from the academic supervisor.

  Candidate shall attend lecture/ tutorial/ seminar of the courses that had been registered. Attendance not less than 75% is required and to eligible to sit for  examination.   

  Candidates who attend less than 75% is not allowed to sit for the particular coursework and will be given a fail status.

  Candidate who register any of the courses but does not attend the course without any application to drop the course will also be given a fail status.

  Examination result for a candidate who attend lectures and sit for examination for an unregistered course will not be considered.

Semester I

Course Code Module Credit Hours
PTH 601
Module (1) Concepts of Public Health.
PTH 602
Module (2) Organization and Management of Health Care.
PTH 603
Module (3) Health Measurements
PTH 604
Module (4) Research Methodology
PTH 605
Module (5) Environmental and Occupational Health.
PTH 606
Module (6) Health Promotion and Primary of Health care.

*/**This module is conducted for 2hours of seminars, tutorial, lectures, and assignments weekly during the semester.

Semester II

Course Code Module Credit Hours
PTH 607
Module (1) Disease causation and prevention
TH 608
Module (2) Medical sociology – Health Education and Communication Skills
PTH 609
Module (3) Community Directed of Intervention(CDI).
PTH 610
Module (4) Health Economics.
PTH 611
Module (5) Disaster Management.
PTH 612
Module (6) Health Ethics.

Semester III

Course Code Module Credit Hours
PTH 613
Research project

Financial Arrangements

1. Tuition fees for the program is 3000 USD (three thousand United States Dollars). 

2. The installment arrangements are 40% within first semester, then 30% within the second semester and last 30% within third semester


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