| Welcome to the Faculty of Economics & Management Science


The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is one of the largest Faculties at the University. The Faculty aims to continuously strengthen its position as
the leading institution in the fields of economic, financial and management
sciences through its academic and research excellence.

The Faculty of Economics & Management Science is dedicated to delivering business education with the goal of preparing the students to be future economists who are accountable, competent in comprehending, and able to deal with political and social concerns in a creative way. According to this statement, the faculty routinely evaluates the syllabus to make sure the programs are still relevant in the globalized, fast-paced business climate of today.

The Faculty of Economics & Management Science links itself to leading universities and works closely with firms to expand students’ learning possibilities beyond the core courses needed for career success


Is to build an excellent, highly effective, and innovative faculty of Economics and Management science in Somalia that is renowned for its specialization in learning, research, training, and management consulting.


The Faculty of Economics and Management will attain academic excellence via quality stuff and environment by implementing the following

  • Delivering corresponding with programs that meet the demands of the market and the country

  • The efficient creation of staff members competent to provide highly regarded study and advisory services worldwide

  • Providing learners with a top-notch education that meets globally recognized benchmarks will help them develop the managerial skills necessary to make wise judgments and  educate highly qualified graduates in order to address the need for qualified managers across all organizational processes

Undergraduate Programs

No Program Duration
1. Bachelor of Science in Public Administration 4 Years
2. Bachelor of science in Economics 4 Years
3. Bachelor of Science in Accounting 4 Years
4 Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance 4 Years

Admission Requirements

  1. Original Secondary School Certificate
  2. 4 Passport size color photos
  3. Payment of Non-refundable Registration fee
  4. Filling the Application Form
  5. Getting Pass Marks in Admission Exam