| Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery

About the Faculty

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Capital University was established in 2013 as a result of partnership with a dedicated community of scholars, clinicians and stakeholder groups both domestically and internationally, who are all committed to promote excellence in medical education by providing integrated case-based/problem-based training for student of medicine to be medical practitioners whose professional acts and practices are reliable.

The program was set to award the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) to the enrolled students who successfully complete a minimum of 347 required credit hours set by the University council.  This Medical Program comprises basic science, clinical sciences, clinical skills, population health, ethics, and a range of experiences required in medical practice.

Progam Goal

The curriculum is designed to produce doctors with medical knowledge and skills who are professionally able to deal with today’s medical challenges in Somalia and in the global as a whole

Objectives of the Program

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Capital University is intended to meet the instructional objectives including to:

  1. Produce enough medical graduates with solid foundations of medical knowledge and skills who can meet present and future health care needs of our community.
  2. Conduct high quality researches, studies and surveys keeping the code of ethics that relates to Somali values and heritage as well as the professional medical practice.
  3.  Pass a body of knowledge which is basic to the understanding of human structure, function, development and the common derangements of the various body systems.
  4. Introduce the fundamental skills and practice applicable to the physical, mental and social problems.
  5.   Contributes to the development of national health system through training and research
  6. Improve the attitude of medical practice relative to the care of the sick people and protection of the healthy individuals. 
  7.  Commit to improve the quality and safety of medical practice
  8. Ensure an educational level of medicine based on national and international standards for optimizing patient care and advancing the health status of the citizens.

Undergraduate Programs

No Program Name Duration
1. Bachelor of Science in Medicine & Surgery 6 Years

Admission Requirements

  1. Original Secondary School Certificate
  2.   4 Passport size color photos
  3. Payment of Non-refundable Registration fee
  4. Filling the Application Form
  5. Getting Pass Marks in Admission Exam